Uploading several submission files at once


is it possible to upload several submission files (e.g. images) at once (no zip file) in OJS 3.3.0?

If I use the “upload file” button, I cannot select more than one file.

If I use drag & drop I can select several files, but only the last two are uploaded. If I can upload two at once, wouldn’t it be possible to allow for more (of the same type)?


Hi Carola,

When you use the “upload file” button you must hold “CTRL” (on Windows) or “command” (on Mac) to select multiple files. That being said, I could not reproduce your issue, I was able to upload several files at once, either through file upload or drag and drop tools. In your case, the files simply don’t show on the upload screen or they go missing after you save and continue and goes on with the submission procedure?

Best regards,

Josh Noronha (he/his)
Systems Specialist
PKP|PS Support Team

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Thanks @jnoronha!

it seems to be an issue with my machine. For a colleague of mine it works as you describe it. On my machine I cannot mark multiple files and when I use drag & drop, the first file is not uploaded. If I find out why it does not work for me, I will add the information here.


Hi Carola,
Yes, please update us on this, it will be helpful for the community.