Uploading images through text editor returns an error ( and

Hi, I’ve replicated this error in two instances of OJS, running and respectively. Trying to upload an image in the About the Journal section using the text editor but it returns pop-up error message:

The public files directory was not found or files can not be saved to it. Please contact your administrator to resolve this issue.

This occurred in both journals before and after installing, enabling, and configuring the Text Editor Extras plugin. I also installed, enabled, and configured the Control Public Files plugin in the instance running and that did not make a difference.

I’m reporting it here in case this is something that could/should work in OJS out of the box and not just something wrong with our own configuration (I’m going to contact my IT team in case it’s a local configuration issue).

Hi @tmrozewski,

I ran into a comparable issue a little while back and it had to do with the public directory being missing (or possibly the permissions not set properly): Image upload in TinyMCE hangs · Issue #3760 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub - not sure if this is quite the same as what you’re experiencing - but it might be worth taking a look.

PKP team