Uploading file causes change to time-date stamp in windows

Not sure whether this is a new bug or I just haven’t been paying attention…
Our uni host is biding their time on OJS 2.x.
As a journal manager/editor, I am uploading files from my hard drive during the Review and/or Editing process. I have just discovered that after uploading from my hard drive, the time-date stamp on the file remaining on the drive is changed to today, the moment of upload. Of course it doesn’t make a difference if it is an indd or doc that I have just been working on, and have just saved. But for older files it is quite nasty – plays havoc with the record-keeping. I hardly think that is proper no-trace programming practice… is this to be expected in OJS 3.x?

Hi @cspeditr,

I’m afraid this sounds like an interaction between your OS and your browser – there’s nothing OJS can do to change this.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hello, Alex,
Thanks for the quick reply. I’m surprised, though… why would this happen for OJS and not for uploading to webmail/dropbox/drive/etc.?