Uploading and Editing Back Issues


I am new to the journal, We have about 20 back issues previously published on another platform. We have begun the switch to OSJ3/PKP. I have been watching the videos, and they seem oriented toward creating a new issue. Do I need to follow the same steps to upload back issues or is there a quicker process. Please help!


Hi @nmwoodle,

One option is to use QuickSubmit plugin. I have used it a lot with OJS2, but have not tested it in OJS3 yet.

But there is not really a need for using the plugin. You don’t need to follow the whole process, just beginning and end. You can:

  • submit a new submission (metadata only, without real word or pdf)
  • jump directly to the production and upload PDF
  • issue new issue

Regards, Primož


great thanks!
HOw/where can I change the author’s name? As I am uploading them, they all have my name.


Hi @nmwoodle,

The same way as other authors, I guess: open an article (in dashboard, not on published page) and find Meatadata in upper right corner.

Regards, Primož