Uploaded Files Location in OJS


I would like to ask about the exact location of the file uploaded in OJS.

As in the picture, the galley file can be reached for this article 591. But when checked in the folder file of article 591, the pdf file is missing.The same goes for submission files.
This will cause problems because I have tried to migrate from windows server to Linux. The galley could not be viewed even though file_dir was pointed correctly.

Please help. Thank you


Hi there @Emi_Naza !

I think the PDF file for the final version of the article should be inside the “final” directory. Each folder should contain the files uploaded in the corresponding workflow section of OJS.

Hope that helps

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Hi @hilongo . Thanks for the response.

As in the picture, in the final folder there is no galley pdf file but the galley can be opened. But after I migrated to linux, the galley cannot be opened.

Hi there again! …

I’ve been double checking around here. We use 3.3 version, so things are a bit different (there are no more folders), but checking old articles I’ve found that the pdf galleys are stored inside the ‘proof’ folder

If you have the pdf galley’s submission_file_id you check it’s path in the database with something like (off the top of my head):

select path from files,submission_files where submission_files.file_id = files.file_id and submission_files.submission_file_id=31954

The submission_file_id can be retrieved from the galley’s link

Would be something like this:
[journal website]/index.php/saberesypracticas/$$$call$$$/api/file/file-api/download-file?submissionFileId=31954&submissionId=7067&stageId=5

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