Uploaded files disappeared after upgrade to OJS3

  • OJS 3.1.2
  • Description of issue : Submission Files missing
  • Steps you took leading up to the issue : Looked on the server, googled, went through the forums

I recently upgrade my OJS server and some of the uploads prior to the upgrade disappeared on the GUI , cant seem to find out why, is there a place on the server where the uploaded files are stored ?

I have looked in the config.inc.php under : files_dir but not sure what how to find this file any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Dear @sarfaraz

I am very convinced that the OJS upgrade process will never delete your submission file.
If you find that the submission file disappear on the site frontend when clicking any galley of an article, it is caused by the failed upgrade.

You should consider to re-upgrade your OJS based on your previous OJS 3 backup.



where are the submissions stored ? the place specified in the config.inc.php ? if so what naming convention is used for saved files or is there a way that i can find the files on the server?

as the upgrade has been done over a month ago we cannot redo the upgrade, hence i am looking for alternative, as it 2 submissions that arent reflecting which i am hope we can find on the server

Hello Sarfaraz

The location of the submission file can be found on files_dir parameter on your config.inc.php file.

thank you , like stated above , so do you also know how the naming conventions work ?
when saved to the server ?


This is what I know so far :
203 : submission id
Article Text : type of galley file
485 : …
1 : …
10 : …
20201231 : File Upload date

Maybe the other user knows for some convention that I did not know.


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