Upload images from any user in OJS


With any user, I try to upload any image in any rich text box by clicking on the tree icon “Upload an image”.

In the dialog window that opens:

  1. If I select an image and I click on “Upload”, then the window always keep with “Upload in progress” as it appears in next capture, and no image is uploaded:

  1. If I click on “Manage your uploaded images” then I get a message as shown in next capture:

The permissions are 775 for all folders that appear in the path /public/site/images/“anyuser” and OJS 2.4.5 is installed.


When I have seen that situation in the past, it is usually related to a server error. There is probably a 404 or 500 error captured in your server logs (or can be captured in your web browser’s Inspect tool’s “Network” tab).

Can you report what error, if any, you find?