Upload files to Amazon S3

Hello all,
Is there any way to use OJS with a third party service such as Amazon S3 to store the uploading files? We receive a lot of journal papers which occupied massive space on our hosting. Thus, we plan to store it outside.

Thank you in advance

There is not currently a tool within OJS to facilitate that, but you could do it at the operating system level. Your journal submission files will be stored in files_dir. You could set that to be an Amazon S3 bucket which is mounted to the local file system. For example, in Linux you could do this with S3FS FUSE tool.

Hi there,

Is there any plugins available now to upload docs directly to S3 using the API (instead of S3FS work around0?

Many thanks!

Hello… any updates on this?

Actually I am trying to setup a plugin for this. I am trying to use hooks to override the upload process to AWS S3. Currently I am wondering which hook call I need to use to override the upload process. Any help would be useful.