Upload File In stage Copyediting

I, as the editor of this journal, have entered the copyediting stage, but when uploading the file, the upload mode does not appear, only loading appears

  1. submission
  2. copyediting
  3. upload/select files
    ojs version

Hi @mcahyoko

This is a known issue in OJS 3.3. You’ll need to make the following adjustment to your OJS code:

The bug is described in detail here: Unable to Upload/Select Files from Copyediting stage · Issue #7156 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub


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I think there is no folder in our folder files

@mcahyoko there is also a lib/pkp folder in the root that contains more code. That is the one you want.


Oke thank you solved

Thanks for the solution. I also got the same problem in OJS and it’s done now. :smiley: