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I got a problem, can’t upload cover for my issue. It said like in that picture above. I already tried with other formats and sizes, but it same. So, I published my issue without cover. I’m using OJS 3.0.1.
Big hope that everyone here can help me to solve this problem. Thanks.

Siska A.

To help you solve this, a bit more detail could be needed. Please take a look in your server’s PHP error log and share any lines that are written to it while reproducing your problem.

You could do the following:

  1. Log in on the command line of your server, probably by opening a ssh connection to it.
  2. Go to the log directory of your server (see here for more help on this).
  3. Type tail -f error_log (and substitute error_log by whatever file name your server’s error log uses. You will see the last few log lines in the terminal.
  4. Press the enter key a few times to create empty lines. Then use your browser to reproduce the problem.
  5. Copy/paste the log lines written to your terminal here. Be careful not to expose sensitive information like IP addresses, passwords or other data in them. If you can, trim the log lines before posting to exclude everything that is not directly related to the problem.

Hi @ojsbsb.

Thank you so much for your help and the instructions. But I didn’t get it yet, because I’m still new in OJS. Or maybe there are some way that I should do in my CPanel?.

And is it possible caused by my files_dir put outside my public_html?

Thank You for Advanced,
Siska A.

I’m sorry, but I have no experience with CPanel, so I can’t help with
that. There might be a way to access the logs through it, maybe someone
else in this forum can help?

If by files_dir, you refer to the directory OJS stores the galleys in
(which you have to specify in the OJS install page), then it is correct
to place it outside of the root folder that is accessible via the
internet. Otherwise, people will be able to read all files in the OJS
system, even if they are not published yet.

Hi @ojsbsb.

Thanks for your responses to my problem. But, I just realized that I had some lines in FileManager.in.php that I gave a limit type of files that can be uploaded, and one of the types are .jpg and .png.

So, i deleted thoses two extensions and now it can work as normal again.

Massive Thanks,
Siska A.

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Hi @siskaamelia
What do you mean by deleting those two extensions?
Mind explain more, because I face the same problem right now.
Thank you.

Hi @Shukri_Manaf,

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Best regards,

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