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When updating OJS with my ftp client, should I first delete all the old files completely and then upload the new version? After uploading the new version I also upload files, plugin, public and config and set the correct file permissions. And then hit upgrade.
Is that the right way to do it?

Hi @gdlenne,

Please have a look at our upgrading guide: https://docs.pkp.sfu.ca/dev/upgrade-guide/en/#preparing-to-upgrade - we provide detailed advice for how to go about upgrading.

PKP Team

I have looked into that upgrading instructions. It does not answer my question.
Is it not possible anymore just to upload the new version via ftp client. Your instructions says nothing about that way to upgrade/update.

I don’t understand why you are complicating your life with unnecessary steps.

You need to delete everything except the files and public folders.

Then you can upload the already unzipped files to the main site directory (but make sure that the files and public folders are not there). And configure config.inc.php according to the information about access to the database, site address and use of SMTP mail

After that, update your OJS system, change the config.inc.php file and set installed = Off

But before that, make a backup of the database and the entire site. Just in case

Thank you. Then you confirm exactly what I wanted to do and asked for. Nothing complicated :smiley:
It says nothing about that way to upgrade in the instructions, thats why I wondered.

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