Upgrade view site OJS


I would like to consult regarding your system. My client has version 3.4.0. He would like you to:

  • Automatically display statistics such as “Submission to acceptance,” “Acceptance to publication,” and “Acceptance Rate” on the page, with automatic updates.
  • Expand the article submission form to include additional fields for filling in, similar to the “reference” field but custom.
  • Automatically generate a Certificate template.
  • Automatically generate articles in HTML, XML, and PDF formats.
  • Make changes to the content display generated by OJS scripts.

What can be done about this? How could this be resolved for version 3.4.0? There’s not enough information about the flexibility of this system on the internet, only its functionalities are available.

Hi @Vadym_Chernitsov,

Thank you for your post. What you’ve outlined will likely involve extensive code changes to the OJS code base and/or plugin development. As a starting point, I would invite you to have a look at our technical documentation, to get a better sense of what’s involved and how the software development process works: https://docs.pkp.sfu.ca/dev/

If you or your client would like to make specific feature requests, I would invite you to create post to the feature requests category here on the forum (please list each separately and follow the provided template)

This is not quite what you are looking for but does relate - we are working on some developments around JATS XML for the next iteration of OJS.

PKP Team