Upgrade to Information Block

I’m trying to customize some of the existing blocks in OJS, the Information Block to be exact. I’m trying to add two additional fields to it for Rights and Advertisers. Here is a repository showing what I’ve done to modify the block, GitHub - Ariton84/OJSInformationBlock: Modifying block for additional fields. My issue is that I can’t get it to create the two additional fields. Any help would be very appreciated, thanks.

Hi @Ariton,

Why don’t you create a new custom block and copy the Information block links and add two new linkd, you want to. Should be easier then modifying the original Information block, plus during the upgrade the Information block will be modified back to default one.

Regards, Primož

HI @Ariton
I think that for rights and Advertiser its should not be page “information” but some URL which can be URL of static page or so.
Otherwise, it should be needed to edit page “information”.