Upgrade ojs system

Hi everyone I am facing issue while upgrade Open Journal Systems to the latest version the error that shows me this msg.

Errors occurred during installation:

  • A database error has occurred: SQLSTATE[42S01]: Base table or view already exists: 1050 Table ‘submissions_tmp’ already exists (SQL: CREATE TABLE submissions_tmp AS (SELECT submission_id, context_id, comments_to_ed, date_submitted FROM submissions) )

even if I try to drop the announced table and try again it shows
can anyone explain what the solution is ??

Hi @noni,

I guess you were running the upgrade process over a database that was partially upgraded previously.

After a failed or interrupted upgrade process, you must restore the original version of:

  • database
  • public folder
  • files_dir folder

So remember always to make a full backup of your OJS installation, keep a safe copy of them, and test the upgrade process within a sandbox.

Here you’ll find a comprehensive guide on “How to upgrade”: How to Upgrade


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Hi i did a back up copy but i think it is not possible to upgrade from 3.0 ojs version to 3.3.0-8 immediately

In the document @gonzalognzl linked you can find a description of the “upgrade roadmap” you need to take. Long story short… you need a “pit stop” at 3.2.1-4 before going to 3.3.

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Oh, I didn’t see your previous question @noni. In order to notify the user you’re talking to, it’s useful to tag them (using @…)

Thank you @marc! Siempre activo!

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Hi @marc I did all the steps in the road map still the same problem