Upgrade Ojs 3.0.0 to 3.0.1 fail

I tried upgrading Ojs 3.0.0 to 3.0.1 using the following way:

Full Package for the latest Ojs code and
Web for the Ojs database

I successfully redirected into Upgrade interface. When I click Upgrade Open Journal System, I have notification

DB Error: Access denied for user ‘ojs’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES)

Please, any hint to solve this.


It seems that you have replaced the config.inc.php file in the root folder.
If you have the old installation files, replace this file with the previous version.
if no, you should manually change some items, including

; Database Settings ;


driver = mysql
host = localhost
username = ojs
password = ojs
name = ojs

Correct the username, password and DB name items and then upgrade.

Hi @alirezaaa, thanks a lot for your help. I can run the upgrade. It says

Upgrade of OJS to version has completed successfully

It also says

Don’t forget to set the “installed” setting in your config.inc.php configuration file back to On

I check file config.inc.php, “the installed” is already On.
I try to access my journal but it redirects me again into


What is the problem?

it should look like this:


; Set this to On once the system has been installed
; (This is generally done automatically by the installer)
installed = On

without ; at the beginning of the line.

I am a bit confused with the following steps

  1. Download and decompress the package from the OJS website
    2. Make a copy of the config.inc.php provided in the new package
    3. Move or copy the following files and directories from your current OJS
    • config.inc.php
    • public/
    • Your uploaded files directory (“files_dir” in config.inc.php), if it
      resides within your OJS directory
4. Replace the current OJS directory with the new OJS directory, moving the
  old one to a safe location as a backup

What I do is to replace the old ojs 3.0.0 files by new ojs 3.0.1 files.

Yup, it looks exactly like that. I have replaced the config.inc.php by the old one
Set it to Off and run upgrade again. It is successful then I set it to On. I try accessing my journal, the same direction appears, http://jurnalbeta.ac.id/index.php/index/install

It seems that I missed some steps. Please, a help is very needed

I did miss some points. The upgrade works fine now. Thanks a lot @alirezaaa

I have a problem. I get this message.

Errors occurred during installation:
A database error has occurred: Duplicate entry ‘googlescholarplugin-1-enabled’ for key ‘plugin_settings_pkey’

Expecting help, @asmecher.



You simple installed googlescholar and dublincore plugin before official release. Deleting this 2 rows from database will solve this problem.
I had the same problem.

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It was a great piece of information.
I successfully upgraded to 3.01