Upgrade in a very restricting hosting service

A fellow asked me to upgrade his OJS from 2.4.7 to 3.1.

Now that I made it some times I feel quite confident, but the hosting service restricts cpu usage and I/O operations and crashes with a 503 error… so the question is: Is there a way to split upgrade operation in 4-5 parts and control the stop point?

It’s a server without ssh so everything need to be done via web interface(=slow and annoying).

Of course… backup it all, apply changes locally and upload again is an option, but charset is a mess so I’m looking for a solution inside the same sever.


Hi @marc

When you are in a so restrictive environment a possible approach is download and execute an upgrade process in a local machine, then deploy system, documents and DataBase back to your production server. But it depends on your and server connection.

Heads up to difference between themes from OJS 2.x to 3.x, they are uncompatible, you will have style it again or use default theme from OJS3.

Of course best approach is having SSH access, that way you could perform php upgrade in a terminal. But I know some hosts doesn´t grant you this kind of access.

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team

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DB charset is a mess. When I export (via hosting software) I get doubleencoded data… so this is why I wanted to upgrade directly in the server.

But I understand there is no way to split the upgrade or a plan to make it accept sequencial calls (and continue from the braking point).

BTW, in the web version, the upgrade script don’t give much info about what is doing so, would be nice to verbose it a little to discover what is taking more time and resources.