Upgrade from github


I install OJS in http://medicinaclinica.org … by tar.pz file, and is working fine, but I want to opgrade bi github. What I hava to do?

Thank you

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Hi @luismurillo, please consult the relevant documents in docs/ in the OJS root dir, as well as Running production OJS site with Git for Dummies (like me) - #22 by NateWr.


I have the same question and I don’t found a answer for that. Is it possible to update a web installation with github or I need a new installation over github?



Hi @Felixmail2015

If your existing installation is relatively uncustomized, then I suggest you plan to do your upgrade by creating a new test installation, from github, making a backup of your existing database, and then upgrading that database using the github installation. If everything is good, then the new github installation becomes your live site. If you have any old customizations, you can port them to the github installation and perhaps commit them as local commits so you can track them in the future.

It’s basically the same idea as generally upgrading from source tarballs; you’d still want a test installation anyway, and backups. You can’t really “update” a non-repository installation to a github installation directly.


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Thanks a lot for your answer. Okay than I will go this difficult way…