Upgrade from 3.2 to - XML Parser errors, site failing to load


We have just upgraded from to and are hitting PHP errors regarding xml parser.

Please see attached image. When we go to the homepage it redirects to /index/install in the URL where we see the attached errors.

Has anyone had any issues when upgrading to with XML parser?

When we try to go to specific pages the application returns HTTP 500,

Many thanks


Hi all,
My manager fixed this issue. He changed the character encoding to utf-8 (attached image of Alec’s help from a previous thread)

I don’t know how he got from an xml_parser error to UTF8 encoding issue, but changing it from utf8 to utf-8 got the site up and running.



Hi @Jamie_Milne,

Those warnings are just cosmetic warnings, but you can resolve them by applying a change to the ADODB library that’s included in OJS. This change will be included in the next releases (starting with 3.3.0-9). But I do recommend configuring your PHP so that errors/warnings are directed to the log rather than the browser – otherwise they’ll cause problems in AJAX requests.

See this change to clear up the warnings: Can't upgrade to 3.2.x on PHP 8 due to use of get_magic_quotes_runtime · Issue #7275 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team