Upgrade from 2.4.8 to 3.1: incorrect values (for author and genre) in links to submission files


I’m testing an upgrade of an existing journal from OJS- to OJS-3.1.1-4. This seems to work, roughly, but there are some quirks in the interface I’d like to sort out.

When viewing the detail page for a submission in the English locale (which should be complete, I reckon), I notice a couple of issues, where labels are not resolved properly:

  1. In the submission tab, the link to the submitted file seems to list me (“rvandenbranden” in the screenshot) as author of the article, instead of the actual article author (which probably should have read “jpeeters”). This is the case for all articles: the links to the submission files, the author names are substituted with another user’s ID (all “rvandenbranden”). What went wrong and how can this be fixed? Note, I’ve promoted rvandenbranden to site administrator in the OJS database. Besides that, this user is enrolled as editor, section editor, and reviewer.


  1. In the review tab, the links to the review files contain some placeholder label ("##default.genres.article##"), which suggests that something went wrong with finding the correct locale. Also, similar placeholders appear on other places in the interface (see yellow highlights in screenshot). Yet, English is selected as the sole language for the journal, so I don’t know what’s at play here, and how this can be fixed?


The ##default.genres.article## placeholder was also used in the filenames for files that were downloaded from the submission detail page (e.g.: “57-##default.genres.article##-289-2-4-20131202.doc”). Yet, I’ve managed to solve that by navigating to Settings > Workflow > Components, and selecting Restore Defaults, as suggested elsewhere in this forum (Not translate option text - #8 by asmecher). Now downloaded files are named correctly (e.g.: “57-Article Text-289-2-4-20131202.doc”). Yet, the links to those files still contain the placeholder (as reported in [2] above). So I don’t know if this is a locale issue, or another issue where wrong values are used when creating those links; either the wrong author (as in [1]), or the wrong genre (as in [2]).

Are these known issues when upgrading from 2.4 to 3.1?

Kind regards,