Updating the published articles with DOI's

I published the first issue of our journal, then obtained the ISSN, and used crossref to obtain the doi’s. I want to add the doi’s to each published pdf. My question is What is the best way of doing that?

I read in the documentation the following: “Unpublishing an article allows you to make changes without creating a new version. After unpublishing, you can update metadata and/or replace the galley file and schedule the article for publication again. If scheduled into a published issue, it will become available right away. No notification will be sent to readers, since the notification is sent when an issue is published, not for an individual article.” So, if I click “unpublish” on an article I need to re-enter all the information, then the corrected new galleys and meta-data and then schedule it for the already publish issue?

I am using OJS 3.3


Hi @vcardenas,

Do you still see the DOI under Publication - Identifiers?

PKP Team

Hi Roger, I already have the DOIs but they are not in the pdf I uploaded and published. For instance, the first article reads on the web platform with following suggested citation: Chéry, O., Bedregal, P., Valdivia, G., Dor, V., & Padilla, O. (2023). Maternal obesity, neonatal morbidity, and mortality, Southeast Metropolitan Health Service, Chile, 2014-2018. A retrospective cohort. American Journal of Field Epidemiology , 1 (1), 1–12. https://doi.org/10.59273/ajfe.v1i1.7405
Does that make sense?

Hi @vcardenas,

Sorry - I don’t think I am following you. You note that they are not in the PDF? The DOIs are typically within the metadata – not the PDF. Can you explain further?

PKP Team

Please let me explain. This was the first issue of the journal and did not have the doi’s as I did not have the ISSN. I had to have a published issue I’ve got the ISSN but the published pdf’s that I uploaded do not have the doi stamped, the doi is just available on the webpage. My question is about the best way to update the pdfs with the doi on it. I hope this is clearer, thanks

Hi @vcardenas,

Thanks for explaining your scenario further. The DOI can be assigned manually in the Identifier settings on the Publication tab of the article, like this:

However, when you assign it or clear it it will still require you to register it with Crossref.

If you’ve already submitted the DOIs to crossref, you’ll need to update them: https://docs.pkp.sfu.ca/crossref-ojs-manual/en/config#updating-dois

If you haven’t, then you’ll have to make sure your crossref plugin is setup properly and that you properly export your DOIs to Crossref: https://docs.pkp.sfu.ca/crossref-ojs-manual/en/config#automatic-or-manual-deposits

I hope this helps?

PKP Team

It seems you have uploaded the final pdf galleys separately using Quick Submit. Am I right? If that is the case, you can delete the already uploaded pdf galley, upload the new galley and publish the issue again. Remember to check the date of publication since it will automatically take the current date.

Hope this helps

Thanks, I published the first issue, as it is required to get the ISSN, then the OJS Crossref plugin takes care of the doi’s but they are not stamped on the galleys. I am publishing the articles as pdf’s. It seems I need to get the issue unpublished, or each of the articles unpublished and then publish the issue again. Right?

Thanks Roger, I already have doi’s. I am publishing pdf’s. They do not have the pdf’s stamped on it, the software adds the doi’s to the suggested citation box. I may have to unpublish each of the 9 articles, then publish each again, right?

Once you unpublish the issue, the articles automatically get unpublished. Go to each submission, delete the existing pdf and upload the new one. Be careful that you do not delete/alter the existing DOI identifier in the metadata. Also the date of publication of the article. The article sequence layout may need to be re-ordered. Re-publish the issue. The date of publication of the issue will need to be pre-dated after publication.

Hope this helps

Hi @vcardenas,

You can also follow the documentation and unpublish an article, upload a new galley file with the DOI and publish it again.

It seems your DOIs do not resolve (when you click on the DOI link it does not lead the you to the article), which means something went wrong with registering them with Crossref. You may want to double check that…


I agree with @bozana. You will need to correct the DOI by going to crossref.org and following the process for registering your DOIs. Whatever you did before did not work.

Thanks, I thought it had worked will do

Thanks I will try again