Updating from OJS to OJS

Hello PKP fellows,

This is my first query here. I want to affect an update as mentioned in the query heading. It needs to happen on shared hosting.

I have already gone through following resources:

On this resource, I want to know what @pocketfullofcheese has mentioned as the easiest way to upgrade. My question here is, will we be replacing the files of old installation with the files of new installation (from the new folder containing new installation files to old installation directory)? Does it mean that we only need to keep config.inc.php, public/, and files_dir from the old installation and will eventually replace rest of the old installation folders with the new installation folders (old ‘lib’ with new ‘lib’, old ‘plugins’ with new ‘plugins’ and so on…)

Another resource, I referred is https://github.com/pkp/ojs/blob/master/docs/UPGRADE.md
This resource is also creating same question in my mind.

P.S. I have only web interface access via cPanel.

Apologies in advance, if this question seems too basic to you. And, thanks in advance for your suggestion which can help me make my day with the upgrade.


Hi @tspmgr,

The upgrade process has four main steps:

  1. Backup your current OJS
  2. Get the new OJS code
  3. Include in the new OJS code your config.inc.php and public files.
  4. Run the upgrade script

If step 4 fails:

  • Investigate the problem
  • Restore your backup
  • Go back to step 1

You can visit the following resource for a video explanation: Upgrading to OJS 3 - YouTube

Juan Castro
Universidad del Valle

Hi @jpcv222 thanks for your suggestion. I have had seen this video guide but my confusion remains the same as all I can do is just by web interface using cPanel NOT by any sort of commands (novice at running commands).

By writing here in the top-relevant forum for the software, I’m trying to help myself (also fellows like me) to break down the entire process of the upgrade in a lucid way.

Apologies in advance if my perplexity seems to be basic. But it will be a great help if I could get a step by step guide for upgrading OJS using cPanel’s web interface.

Thank you again.