Updated from 2.4.3 to missing content/Images

I hope this is a very simple issue only because I’ve reinstalled this website about three or four times due to a series of problems; however, I installed using the uprgade php tool from version 2.4.3 to, and it stated it was successful. The first problem i came to was that the upgrade tool wouldnt upgrade to, but that’s the least of my concerns, if that doesn’t get handled through this forum currently - i wont lose sleep.

My second problem is the one that has to be fixed ASAP. Notice the content and bullet points on the older version of the website:

Now take a look at the “upgraded” version of the website:

There are missing objects replaced by �’s and the jpeg bullet points that are missing as well. However, it appears to be only on this page, unless im missing something somewhere. I haven’t checked every single page, but it does seem to only reside on the home page.

Thanks in advance

May be your second problem is coming from TinyMCE, I think you should try to rewrite or COPY & PASTE (from older version to newer version) the whole text once again into that editor , may be the results are changed after you save.

Hi @razoredge,

The version descriptor for your installation states that you’ve got OJS 2.4.7-0, not OJS 2.4.7-1 – if you want to upgrade to OJS 2.4.7-1, you’ll need to update your code first.

The � characters suggest a character set mismatch. If you dumped your database and loaded it into the new server for the upgrade, then make sure that your character set configurations match, both in MySQL, and in the config.inc.php configuration file for OJS. It’s worth putting some time into getting this fixed properly, because if you continue with mixed content it’ll be very hard to unscramble later.

Note that some versions of MySQL need you to specify the character set when dumping the old DB; see the --default-character-set option to mysqldump.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hey thanks for the quick reply, i really wasnt anticipating it due to my past experience with forums.

I dont know whether this is the problem or not because i configured the database as utf8 upon creating a new database and restoring the old content on it. I will attempt to re-install everything tonight and see if this will alleviate the problem.

This is the overall situation of the website.
Current website Version online is 2.4.3 (epsjournal.org.uk)

I updated the databse through the upgrade tool after mounting the old content on the web server. Should i do a fresh install of the website (of 2.4.3) and then import the files, and then use the upgrade tool? instead of just dropping the contents of the old website and installing?

Or being that i know the database is configured with utf8, is there a configuration script that can be done without doing all of this work?

Hi @razoredge,

I’m not sure I’m following the two processes you’re considering; can you elaborate a little further?

I suspect the character set problem is being introduced during the transfer of the database from one server to the other. Ensure that your character set configuration is the same for both installs in the config.inc.php configuration file, and you might consider identifying an example of the problem content using a tool like phpMyAdmin to check whether the databases have gotten garbled outside of OJS (or, conversely, whether the databases look fine and OJS is the problem).

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I made sure to drop the existing table and make sure the character set is set to utf8. I’ve followed every step it seems. In one of the steps it states that there is a journal manager, yet it doesnt show up under my user settings.

Going to retry my attempt at importing the files through this xml plugin