Update table of content after editing section

Dear all,

the editor of my journal edited the sections of some published articles. After doing so, however, the table of content of the respective issue still show the article in the old section. Is this a bug or is there a solution?

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Please empty cache and check again in metadata is article assigned to proper section.

In the backend, I clicked “Clear data cache” (and to make sure also “Clear template cache”), but it did not work out…
The section of the article seems to be stored. When I access the article it says that it belongs to the newly choosen section.

Can you post link of that article? Clean also data cache.

Unfortunately, the journal is still under construction and the editors established an access-on-login-policy. I hope, I will manage the issue soon. Worst case, I will be back when the journal is publicly available.

Still, thanks a lot! :slight_smile: