Update journal from ftp fields


The reason for my post is to know if there is a possibility to update the different fields of the section Journal Setup (Details, Policies, Submissions,
Management and The Look) from the FTP server and not have to do it from the control panel.

Thank you and I’m waiting.

These settings are all managed in the database and not in the filesystem. As such, you cannot modify them with an FTP client.

Hi @ctgraham,

Ok, I could then indicate in which sections of the database I can make the changes. I’m waiting.

Most of the settings you see in the Journal Setup of OJS 2.x end up in the journal_settings table. They are indexed by journal_id and setting_name. Some also have locale associations.

Hi @ctgraham,

You would also need the database path to access the Management Pages/System Plugins


Hi @ctgraham,

Could you indicate the path in the bd?

Access the Management Pages/System Plugins.

Thanks in advance.

Many plugin settings can be found in the database in the table plugin_settings, but plugins also have the ability to create and populate tables on their own.