Unsure if PKP-PLN plugin is working

Hello! We upgraded to OJS 2.4.8-1 in early November so that we could use the PKP-PLN plugin. We activated the plugin for one of our journals (http://emusicology.org/) on approx. November 10 and since that time, this is what we have seen on the plugin status page:

I’ve read here that it can take a while for servers to sync and content to transfer; but a month seems a bit long. Can someone tell me the generally accepted time frame for things to start syncing and transferring? How long should we wait before we start troubleshooting?


Hi Ingrid,

Everything should be complete within 48 hours. Looking at your journal’s configuration details, it appears that there are no acron scheduled tasks enabled, which may explain why all the deposits are stuck at 'New".

@asmecher or anyone else from the PKP team, are there any standard troubleshooting tips to make sure that a task is ready to run?

Hi all,

Perhaps the scheduled_tasks setting is enabled in config.inc.php, but no corresponding cron-like tool is running the scheduled tasks script? Details in config.inc.php, and an alternative (though not preferred) would be to use the acron plugin.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you both very much for your help! I passed this information on to my IT folks and they enabled the scheduled tasks in config.inc.php today. Hopefully we’ll be syncing and transferring soon!

Hi @Ingrid, did you have a chance to ask your IT colleagues to enable the scheduled tasks?

Hi @mjordan

Our IT colleagues enabled the scheduled tasks on December 20 and there were initially some changes in the PLN statuses for 2 of the 3 journals for which we’re using the plugin. The journal that I referenced in my initial post still hadn’t shown any change by 12.29 so we tried resetting each issue. It doesn’t appear that the reset did anything, and there hasn’t been any additional change to the other two journals.

Is it possible for someone to check and see if our servers are communicating properly? The journals we currently have using the plugin are http://emusicology.org/, http://dsq-sds.org/, and http://screendancejournal.org/.

Many thanks!

Hi @Ingrid,

Only the http://screendancejournal.org has some data in PKP PN, the others aren’t visible to us.
As you’re already using a new OJS version, I’ll close this topic. Feel free to open a new topic if you’re still having issues.