Unsuccessfull upgrade 3.1.4


I used OJS 3.1.1. in this last one year. Today I try to Upgrade to 3.1.4. as suggesting by PKP. I was following all instructions and placing the debug in config.inc.php. I’m shocked it is not working although the OJS said its successful to Upgrade. Even PKP ask me to re-registering like a new user. I’m really regret was upgrade because all of my works disappeared, including all of articles from authors that published. Please help me, how am I must do? May I bring back the old version? Look at my website now https://journal.riksawan.com. It’s a horrible day for me. I can’t imagine if I must make it all from the beginning. Please help!!!

It seems i’m experiencing same issue. Did you find solution?

Hi @judhariksawan

What is the error that you are receiving from the system? Does your webserver error log show any message?
What is webserver and PHP version?

Also, why did you upgrade to OJS 3.1.4 and not to a more recent version , e.g. 3.2 or 3.3.?