Understanding of OJS Subscription

Hi All,

Since 2012 our organization use a OJS Platform for Open Access, then I am confuse on the OJS Subscription. I follow and understand the OJS_in_hour file instruction. After few years of using a OJS to our publication. The organization decide to change our policy from Open Access to Subscription ( Which is our all articles is not available online if they not Subscribe/Purchase the article). So, I visited the Subscription tab(Management Pages) and Set.up the the subscription(individual/institutional) and go to the Setup #4 Management and enabled to subscription types.

However, when we try the function I did not saw a improvement. the user go to registration/login and they can download easily the article content in PDF file.

In my own understanding if you do a subscription process. you need to pay the article/content to download. Using (credit card/Paypal).

Questions: It is possible to do this in OJS? and How?



Hi @Darryl_Nuyda,

In addition to enabling subscriptions in journal settings, you will also need to login as Editor and change your published issues from “Open Access” to “Subscription”. For each issue that you want to require a subscription, please go to the “Issue Data” tab for the issue and change the access settings.

For more information on managing your subscriptions, please see the following: