Unavailable setSponsor method in Article.inc.php class


According to the DTD and the native import plugin, it is possible to set a sponsor per Article via the method $article->setSponsor($sponsor, $locale).

Now working with the 2.4.8 version, this method doesn’t seem to be available(yet or anymore?).

Can you tell me if is about to be implemented or is it already somewhere I didn’t see?

Thank you!

Well it seems the sponsor can be set into the Article object. Still, I don’t get it back when I export with the XML plugin.
To be continued …

Actually, the sponsor is not added in the XML tree when using the XML Export plugin.
I managed to have it by modifying the code for my own datas.

@Thomas, would you consider sharing your code changes? If you could submit a Pull Request in Github, your enhancement could go into the core product to benefit the wider community.

That’s OK for me. Hope it will fit.
Which branch should I choose for the request?

added in issue section.

For 2.4.x, create a pull request against ojs-dev-2_4.