Unable to upgrade 3.3.0.x installation to 3.4.0.x

Describe the issue or problem
I get multiple issues while performing upgrade from 3.3. to 3.4

  1. No documentation found on website for upgrading old versions to 3.4.0.x
  2. On extracting new package on old one breaks the CSS (refer img ojs1.png) because earlier my locale was set to “en_US” in config file as well as in database. Now “en_US” is not supported and for english language it must be set to “en” only.
  3. After manually editing language in config file and DB I get the upgrade page which again breaks on perfoming upgrade throwing following error. (refer img ojs2.png)

What application are you using?

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IS UPGRADING FROM 3.3.x.x to 3.4.0.x SUPPORTED ?
If yes, please share the relavant documentation.

Before starting the update, you must fill in the contact information (name, email) of all journals.

while waiting for an answer to your issue, you should wait and plan to upgrade to an LTS version: version 3.5 when it becomes available
please see [Upgrade Recommendation - Software Support - PKP Community Forum (sfu.ca)] (Upgrade recommendation - #4 by claivaz)

Hi @jameswill,

Older versions should be upgraded to OJS 3.3.0 before upgrading to 3.4. You should begin with a test install: make a dump of your database, import it to a temporary one, make a clean test install of OJS 3.4 (download it from here) and use the temporary database after it’s ready (fill the database data in config.inc.php), upgrade the test install and see what you get. Make sure you are using PHP 8.0+

Best regards,
Josh Noronha

@jameswill Have you reviewed the upgrade guide? https://docs.pkp.sfu.ca/dev/upgrade-guide/en/