Unable to update our principal contact name

Hello everybody,

We have a new “Principal contact” in our journal but we are unable to modify its name on the settings. Why? We have tried from different accounts and it doesn’t work yet (admin’s, journal director and principal contact’s). What else We Can Do to be able to update our contact information?

For information, you can find here our ojs website: http://ojs.institutdesameriques.fr/index.php/ideas/about/contact

François Weigel is not anymore our Principal Contact name. OJS is saying that changes have been done, but when we come back to the site, it is still the same name that appears.

Hi @CommunicationIdA,

Most likely, you have a problem with the file permissions in your cache directory and OJS isn’t able to update files there. There’s an entry in the FAQ area of this forum on file permissions.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team