Unable to update DataCite-Plugin due to incorrect plugin version number

I wanted to update the DataCite plugin by @Dulip_Withanage to version (bugfix for OJS, which we are currently using). I downloaded the newest version of the plugin and tried to upload it via the plugins tab in the OJS backend, but I received an error message (" Plugin already installed, and is newer than the version available in the gallery. "). I know, that there are sometimes issues with these version numbers. I checked the version.xml in the datacite’s plugin folder and it says


I think, this must be an error, because there was never a version 2 of the DataCite plugin. I also wonder that there’s still the version from 2016 installed, also there have been updates to the DataCite plugin in the last couple of years.

Is there any way to correct this version number? I tried to edit the version.xml to, but I still get the same error when I try to update the plugin. I also tried to delete the plugin completely and upload it, but this doesn’t work either. When I click on “Save” nothing happens and after clicking “Cancel” the plugins page won’t load at all. The same when I just try to delete the “datacite” folder in the plugins directory completely and replace it by the “new” version. Of course we made a backup of the system before updating the plugin.

Is there any save way to delete / upload a plugin or change the version number of a plugin manually?

Hi @bibliothekswelt

Once a plugin is installed the version information for it is stored in the “versions” table in the database. If you wanted to change the version of an installed plugin, you can find the record for the plugin in that table and adjust it. Clear your data cache after doing so.


Hi @jnugent, I was able to update the DataCite plugin now, but I realized, that this bugfix is only for OMP and not for OJS. I couldn’t find an update / bugfix of the DataCite plugin for OJS yet. DataCite is often used in Germany, so I will sent my question to the “Deutsche” section, too

Hi @bibliothekswelt ,

The plugin GitHub - withanage/datacite: OMP Datacite Plugin with additional da|ra support. is a specific plugin I wrote only for OMP.

There is a separate plugin for OJS in the core.

Hi @Dulip_Withanage,

thanks! I just noticed this minor change in a template pkp/pkp-liub#7817 Add missing Datacite CSRF token · pkp/ojs@7e7f26b · GitHub

I added the line in the template and it works now!

I wonder, why there’s no new version in the version.xml (still

Hi @bibliothekswelt ,

I wonder, why there’s no new version in the version.xml (still

The plugin is a core plugin , so the changes are shipped with minor version releases. When you update to Release 3_3_0-11 · pkp/ojs · GitHub from 7.June.22 , the problem is solved.

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