Unable to send emails from OJS (2x OJS system)

on OJS we occur related as follows:
when we send an email on the author via OJS, the e-mail is not sent to E-mail, so we get around by loading the e-mail contents from OJS and we send it manually using e-mail.

Are other emails going out normally from the system?

To diagnose this, we’ll need to know your specific version of OJS as well as the configuration used in config.inc.php regarding your mail configuration (e.g. SMTP or PHP’s native mail function).

Emails can be automatically logged out of the system but after being sent is not sent to the recipient and there is no error notification in the system.
Our OJS is OJS

If you see the system successfully logging the email messages within OJS, you will need to check with your system administrator or hosting provider for whatever you are using as the email routing within config.inc.php. For example, if SMTP is off, then check with the administrator of your OJS server. If SMTP is on, check with the administrator of your SMTP server. If the administrator confirms that mail is being routed successfully through the local mailserver, check if the mail is being flagged as spam for the recipient. If so, check your configuration to ensure you are complying with SPF, DMARC, and DKIM standards:

thank you for the solution you gave. we will try.
warm greetings from us P3DI Team Muhammadiyah Jember University