Unable to find workflow settings - automated email reminders dropdown box and notification of author submission


We have a question about the user guide for OJS3 that refers to ‘Automated Email Reminders’ and ‘Notification of Author Submission’.

These sections can be seen in this part of the guide:

We cannot find either of these sections in Workflow settings.

Please can somebody confirm where these two areas are in the latest version?

From a previous post I thought notification of author submission had been removed but was going to come back in the latest version.

Regarding automated email reminders, we are looking for a dropdown that says “Never Remind” but we cannot find this.

Any help gratefully appreciated!


Hi @Jamie_Milne,

I think this might vary between versions. Presumably you’re using a version of 3.3? I think you’re right, these settings look different in 3.3. We’ll try to update the documentation as soon as we can. You’re right that the notification of author submission is removed, but I’m not sure about it coming back (I recall hearing this, but I’ll have a look to be sure). I don’t think the option for automated email reminders is there either, but there are two options that you can configure to send reminders in 3.3:

Screen Shot 2021-09-24 at 10.13.56 AM

If you use those, you can set a time setting for the reminder, but if you leave them blank, then it shouldn’t send out a reminder.

I’ll get back to you on the other issues that I note above.

PKP Team

Hi Roger

Thanks for getting back to me on this

I have stumbled across a forum post

That links to a github issue:

And for version 3.4, there is a screenshot of notification of author submissions functionality within it’s own tab. I think they maybe bringing this back!

Does 3.4 have a release date?

Also regarding the emails that are associated to the response reminder box’s, could you tell me which email templates are linked to this, as weirdly we have 2 response reminder templates, but nothing for a review reminder.

Many thanks for all your help on this.


Hi @Jamie_Milne,

Thanks. I think you’re right.

3.4 will likely come out early 2022 - but that’s not guaranteed - it could be a bit later.

You can see a summary of the default prepared emails here: Workflow Settings

In particular, I think the emails in this case are: REVIEW_REMIND and REVIEW_REMIND_AUTO.

You may not be seeing them in your OJS instance (presuming you’re running 3.3) - I’ve checked and they do appear to still be in the system (I tested on 3.3.0-8), but, of course, not actively used since they tend to rely on this configuration.

PKP Team

Thanks Roger, is there a way I can mark this post as resolved/closed? I have a couple of others I would also like to close.
Many thanks,

Hi @Jamie_Milne,

Sure thing. Consider it closed. You can just @ me (@rcgillis) on the topics you considered to be closed and it is also helpful if one particular post on the thread is a solution that you can mark it as a solution (there is an option underneath the post).

PKP Team