Unable to display Jats XML

We are running OJS and enabled eLife Lens Article Viewer. I used Pandoc to convert docx file to both PDF and Jats XML:

#pandoc --standalone -p -f docx -t jats -o article.xml input.docx

I uploaded them to our test instance. When I click on the Jats xml file, I get an endless spinning symbol like image below. I have checked OJS’s php_errors.log, php.ini, and apache logfile. The pdf file displays fine.

So, is there anything I am missing or doing wrong. Any other additional plugin(s) to install or enable?


Hi Obi,

Do you know if the JATS XML passes validation? We have a client who recently had a problem with JATS not transforming and the problem became apparent when the XML file was opened directly in a browser. Firefox was fine, but Chrome generated an error because it didn’t understand the character set being used by the document (it was something obscure, not UTF8).

Most of the JATS problems I’ve seen are a result of the XML not being fully JATS valid. Have a look in your browser web developer console as well, since client side issues may get logged there but not on the server.


Thanks Jason for the information. I am trying to use Pandoc. Which free converter is recommended by PKP family?

I use https://validator.jats4r.org/ to validate the Jats XML. Am getting 2 errors. I will look at them and correct it. But which one is recommended by PKP family?

Is there any Texture editor that is recommended for OJS?


Hi @obi

I don’t do a whole lot of JATS creation or conversion myself, but PKP has been involved in Libero Editor project:

I’m not sure if it converts from other formats though, as I have not used it.


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@jnugent No, the Jats XML files were not validating. But I will do a clean up later this week and try again.