Ui-library editing


You helped me earlier with similar problem (Vue.js changes in js/build.js) , I hope that you can help me again :slight_smile:

I need to make some changes to SubmissionsListItem.vue, but I have couple of questions:

  1. I have downloaded ui-library as you suggested in other topic, and made some changes that worked. But, for some reason, I can’t run development server with npm run serve, I’ve got this error: npm ERR! missing script: serve

Which ui-library should I use, to be compatible with ojs 3.1.2?

  1. Which php class and js handler are responsible for passing data to vue.js components?

Note that I have very little experience with vue.js, so any help is welcome

Hi @Dragoljub_Djordjevic,

  1. I think the UI Library in 3.1.2 uses a different command to run the app. I think it’s npm run dev. If that doesn’t work, have a look at the scripts property in the package.json file.

  2. Large components, like the list panel, will have a class in controllers/list/submissions/SubmissionListHandler.inc.php. If you search for where SubmissionsListHandler is used you’ll find how that’s passed to the template.

Thanks, I made it. You were right, it is npm run dev.

Also I managed to pass extra data that I need and everything works fine.
However, I still have one question, can you point me to js and php files which are responsible for loading json to vue,js components? (I hope that you understand what I mean :slight_smile: )

I want to learn better vue and js.

Thank you for helping me with this