Ubuntu php7 and OJS

is there any progress about possibility of using php7 on Ubuntu - our provider upgraded the server to php7 and our OJS does not work due to “String” problem. Does exist any patch which can help us?

Many thanks

Hi @Jiri_Dlouhy,
What version of OJS you are using? OJS3 Works fine on my Ubuntu with PHP 7.0.

Hi @Vitaliy We are using version 2.4.8.x - there is quite frequentely visited scientific journal running on it.

As I understand the version 3.0 is still not ready for real usage, there are still no all translations etc. And it will be difficult to migrate without running OJS.


There are not currently plans to move OJS 2.4.x to PHP7. See:

If you wanted to try to make these changes yourself, start by looking at the OJS 3.x issues which reference PHP7, and identifying what might apply to OJS 2.4.x.