Two questions about OJS, please help

Dear colleague,

We are planning to transfer our OJS publication system to a new web server. Here are two questions. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
1). The current web server operating system is Windows 2008. As for the new web server, which operating system is better, Windows, or Linux?

2). Is Step 1 necessary?
Step 1, Install OJS on the new web server
Step 2, copy the OJS files to the new web server
Step 3, copy the database

Thanks for your help in advance!

Would anyone help please?

Hi @Academic123

We recommend UNIX-like OS, but I think OJS, and especially OJS 2.4.x works on Windows too. S. also the system requirements here:

When you migrate an existing OJS installation, you will not have to install OJS anew. However, if you migrate to a totally new server, you will have to ensure everything you need (all other requirements) is there. So maybe it is OK to install it clean first and see that it works.
Also be aware that different DB versions could deal differently with the data.
Thus, in any case, first test the migration well and then, when everything is OK, migrate publicly.


Dear bozana

Thanks so much for your help.

Yes, we plan to migrate the OJS to a new server. So, in this case, we should install the OJS first?

And to avoid any potential problems, we should use a database of the same version as the current one?

Your further help would be highly appreciated.

Hi @Academic123

You do not have to install OJS first, but maybe it would be good, just to test that everything is fine with the server configuration.

Yes, the same DB version would probably avoid potential problems, but usually new server i.e. new operating system means a new DB version, which is OK – you would just need to be careful and check/test everything.