Two places to assign publication format DOIs in OMP 3.2.1


in OMP 3.2.1, DOIs for publication formats can be assigned both in the metadata tab and in the identifier tab. It’s a bit confusing to have the same thing in two places, close to each other.

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Thanks @carola! I’ve got a fix for that, but GitHub is having some uptime issues this morning. I’ll get the fix filed and merged in soon.

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Ok, the issue is filed at [OMP] Pub ID assignment appears in metadata tab for Publication Formats · Issue #7099 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub. You can follow progress there. I’ve only ported the fix to stable-3_3_0, but you should be able to apply the fix to 3.2.x without any difficulties.

Thank you, @NateWr, backporting to 3.2 worked fine.

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