Translation user rule

Hi, I managed to migrate to ojs3 from his ojs2 system
But what happens is that many of the roles of users stored in the user_group_settings table are not properly translated.

How to dynamically renew these roles in the database
I should say that, i have XML files that translated correctly and works very well but my problem due to all data that stored in database;

Now, I’m doing this with the following command, which is a hard and difficult task in terms of execution
UPDATE user_group_settings SET setting_value = ‘مدیر تولید’ WHERE user_group_settings.locale = ‘fa_IR’ AND user_group_settings.setting_name = ‘abbrev’ and setting_value = ‘##default.groups.abbrev.productionEditor##’

Hi @mbabaei,

I think the upgrade process has already been improved in this regard for the next release of OJS: New translation: getting default values for email templates, article components and role names after upgrade to OJS3

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team