Translation problem

Good morning, how can I fix this translation problem that I have in the Statistics menu. I have already fixed other details like this by going to Settings-> Website-> Translate, and looking specifically for what goes wrong, but this one in particular I have not found. I want to translate it into Spanish. I am using OJS 3.2.1.

Hello @yusmelvis,

Please see our Translation documentation here: Customize a Translation Locally


Hello @rcgillis ,

Thanks for answering. I’ve been looking at the documentation but in my case I have the Translator Plugin installed and I have been able to translate other message keys but this one is specific (## common.publishedSubmissions ##) I don’t know what it will be or what locale it is in. I hope you have understood me better …

Well, I already solved my problem. I put the OJS interface in English, which is my secondary language, and I saw that in the Statistics link it said Articles. So, thanks to the documentation that @rcgillis gave me, I looked in the folder ojs/locale/en_us/ within the files for the string “Articles” and that it had something similar to common.submissions as a key (which was how it came out in Spanish) , until I found the following in the locale.xml file:

message key = “common.publishedSubmission”> Article </message
message key = “common.publishedSubmissions”> Articles </message

Right away I looked for this key message in ojs/locale/es_ES/locale.xml but it did not appear, so I added it and put:

message key = “common.publishedSubmission”> Artículo </message
message key = “common.publishedSubmissions”>Artículos </message

and with that I already solved my problem.

Maybe there is a better solution but at least that’s how it worked for me …
Thank @rcgillis

Hello @yusmelvis,

Yes - that would be a solution for 3.1. The Custom Locale plugin might be a better option for you should you upgrade to 3.2 or future versions down the road and you’re looking to do custom translations.