Translation of the author's name



Is it official? I would ask @ctgraham or @asmecher to please comment on that, since it is extremely important for many of us. Could we theoretically be ‘early adopters’ of @litvinovg’s solution, or is there a probability the official solution might appear to be totally incompatible with it?


I would suggest discussing and (maybe) adopting these changes on the next PKP sprint that is planned on September in Germany :wink: We are also interested in translation of authors names.


I’m afraid I’ll be eaten alive by that time :wink:


Hi all,

Never fear, we’ll have an update on this thread before long.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


Hi all,

I am just taking a look at the PRs that @litvinovg provided. Thanks a lot for that @litvinovg!
I think we would need to change some things, e.g. to ensure the user data is correctly edited for all locales (.e.g currently there could be just a first name in a language and not also the last name), the DAOs consider only current locale but usually it is needed to consider the only required journal primary locale or submission locale as well (which makes it all more difficult), to consider the update,…
But we are also considering to remove the Western-centric First, Middle, Last name divisions. First we have to make some major decisions on that because it means a major concept (and also code) changes.
However we started to work on all that i.e. it is next on our to-do list… :slight_smile:



@bozana, thank you, that’s really good news for us :notes:

But just out of sheer curiosity, why this issue with the Western-centric First, Middle, Last name divisions might be so important? Are we sure, that if we get rid of them, OJS would still be compatible with most of bibliographic DBs, where such conventions are usual?


Hi, @litvinovg! Thanks for you work! Why can errors occur in the log file?

PHP Notice:  Undefined index: firstname in /lib/pkp/classes/submission/reviewAssignment/ on line 485
PHP Notice:  Undefined index: lastname in /lib/pkp/classes/submission/reviewAssignment/ on line 485

These errors occur even with requests to the frontend and any pages of backend. I will be grateful for your help!


@bozana, We would really be happy with the roughest estimation possible. Is there a slight chance it would be available in 3.2? Might it be autumn or, say, winter? I know it is really hard to say and the team is small. And thanks to all of you!

But when I asked this question back in 2015, I was told it would be available in 3.1 somewhere around 2016 or so. In 2016 I was told it would be 2017. So we moved many of our journals to OJS and now have to ward off attacks from all sides. Now we need to say something to them :slight_smile:


Hi @Ph_We

I started to work on it, so yes, I think it will be in 3.2, and yes it is planned for this year. Sorry for the wait! :frowning:



Thanks again, @bozana, this sounds encouraging :slight_smile:


Dear @litvinovg

I am using the multi-language codes for about 2 months.It works very good. Today I have faced a problem which I don not what to do.
While using citation plug-in, name of the authors are not shown in non of two languages of the website. See image below:

Names are shown correctly in other parts. But not in the citation. Would please help. Thanks


Dear @litvinovg

I am using multi-language codes too. There is a bug I do not know what to do. While adding a reviewer, the name of the reviewer is not shown. Not in English and not in the second language. Names are set in both languages for the users.

and in second language:


Dear @Frosty,
It seems you haven’t applied citation plugin modifications.
It should work like that


Dear @MJB,
It was a problem until
So I suggest you to get latest updates.


Dear @litvinovg

Thanks for your prompt reply. I fixed new code but I have face new problem when I tried this. Article page is not loaded and a white page is shown.
This error is shown in error log:
PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Seboettg\CiteProc\Exception\CiteProcException' with message 'Illegal argument. Name has no family name.' in /home/journalo/public_html/jims/plugins/generic/citationStyleLanguage/lib/vendor/seboettg/citeproc-php/src/Seboettg/CiteProc/Util/NameHelper.php:115

It seems it is because if some author have no family name (admin was not have family name). I fixed that. I hope this kind of problem face not again.

Thanks for your help again


Dear @litvinovg

Thanks for your prompt reply. That was very helpful.

Best Regards


Dear @litvinovg

I have one more question. Would you please help again.

In the registration new user, in registrationForm.tpl file, for name field the always primary language name and family name is taken from new user:

<input class="form-control" name="firstName[{$primaryLocale|escape}]" id="firstName" value="{$firstName.$primaryLocale|escape}" maxlength="40" placeholder={translate key="user.FistNamePlaceHolder"} type="text">

I want to add another field and get second language name and family name. What code should I have add to this .tpl file.
Probably I have add some code to and ?

Thank alot
Best Regards


Dear @Frosty,
That should help you


Dear mr. Litvinov
Sorry for dilitant question,
these changes apply to registered authors or authors of articles?


These changes for both registered users and authors of articles.