Translation of the author's name



Dear @Frosty,
It seems you haven’t applied citation plugin modifications.
It should work like that


Dear @MJB,
It was a problem until
So I suggest you to get latest updates.


Dear @litvinovg

Thanks for your prompt reply. I fixed new code but I have face new problem when I tried this. Article page is not loaded and a white page is shown.
This error is shown in error log:
PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Seboettg\CiteProc\Exception\CiteProcException' with message 'Illegal argument. Name has no family name.' in /home/journalo/public_html/jims/plugins/generic/citationStyleLanguage/lib/vendor/seboettg/citeproc-php/src/Seboettg/CiteProc/Util/NameHelper.php:115

It seems it is because if some author have no family name (admin was not have family name). I fixed that. I hope this kind of problem face not again.

Thanks for your help again


Dear @litvinovg

Thanks for your prompt reply. That was very helpful.

Best Regards


Dear @litvinovg

I have one more question. Would you please help again.

In the registration new user, in registrationForm.tpl file, for name field the always primary language name and family name is taken from new user:

<input class="form-control" name="firstName[{$primaryLocale|escape}]" id="firstName" value="{$firstName.$primaryLocale|escape}" maxlength="40" placeholder={translate key="user.FistNamePlaceHolder"} type="text">

I want to add another field and get second language name and family name. What code should I have add to this .tpl file.
Probably I have add some code to and ?

Thank alot
Best Regards


Dear @Frosty,
That should help you


Dear mr. Litvinov
Sorry for dilitant question,
these changes apply to registered authors or authors of articles?


These changes for both registered users and authors of articles.


Hi @bozana, @litvinovg,

Thank you SOOO much for all your efforts in making our dreams come true :smiley:

Now when the PRs seem to be merged we have two questions:

  1. We would like to test it, but so far we’ve been using setup packages. So would it be enough to just install OJS from the git repository to make this functionality available for testing purposes?
  2. The issue is closed, but hasn’t been scheduled for the OJS 3.2 release (as it seemed to be planned before). May we still hope? :slight_smile:


Hi @Ph_We

Maybe I/we can create a package from the current muster branch for you to work with…
I assigned it to the OJS/OMP 3.2. These changes will surely go to 3.2 i.e. to the first release that will be made from the master branch, which should be 3.2.



Hi @bozana,

I think, it would be ideal if we could use such a package over, say, the OJS 3.1.1-1 (or OJS 3.1.1-2?). In this case we could test it on a clone with 19 different multilingual journals, which would be a good real-life environment for testing.


Hi @Ph_We

Hmmm… I am not sure I understand :blush: What do you mean?



I thought by a package you meant a kind of a patch for the current release. But we would be happy with any package you could give us :crazy_face:


@Ph_We, do you have a possibility and/or would you maybe rather try to use git? – just to check… :slight_smile:


We tried it, but in our case that was equal to installing from git over the instance already installed from packages. And that led to some additional issues, we did not know how to deal with.

I hope to test this with all those 19 journals we already have running. That is why I was so glad when you told me you could make a package from the master branch :slight_smile:

Or would it be easier to fresh install it using git and then to move the journals there?


Hi, @bozana, @litvinovg! Thank you very much for solving this problem tosome extend. I have implemented your changes in the OJS but failed in OJS 3.1.1-2. Could you comfirm that your script can be incormarated in the latest version?


Hi @Santa

The changes were made for the master branch i.e. for the coming OJS 3.2 version/release. Master and ojs-stable-3_1_1 branch differ, and from that time of the implementation till now even more, so there might be conflicts. Thus it might not be easily applied on 3.1.1-2.



Hi @litvinovg Does ajax search in submissions admin page work with your code? Never used it before, but when articles count get larger it could be useful. Maybe need to change lib\pkp\classes\services\queryBuilders\ file? This part:

$q->where(function($q) use ($word) {
$q->where(‘au.first_name’, ‘LIKE’, “%{$word}%”);
$q->orWhere(‘au.middle_name’, ‘LIKE’, “%{$word}%”);
$q->orWhere(‘au.last_name’, ‘LIKE’, “%{$word}%”);


It works for me.
Do you use my branches for 3.1.0 or 3.1.1?

#94 Which files should I check? I made changes by myself for each file. commit by commit.