Translation for new menu?


i prepare additional top bar with new item menu, for example: “About Journal” using CustomHeader plugin. I wanna add this item to translation, it is posible? I read other topic about translation, but there is default item translation, i have new one. I don’t know what i have to add to CustomHeader, in displayed name:

 <div class="xxx"><a href="#aboutjorunal">what i have to add in this place?</a></div>

and in /locale/pl_PL/locale.xml something like:

 <message key="navigation.about.journal">O czasopismie</message> 



Hi @karol,

What OJS version are you using?
From OJS 3.1 you can change menu items names directly through dashboard (navigational menu settings).
To display translation from localized xml files translate function can be used: {translate key="your.message.key"}

Hi Vitaliy,

thank You, i using but in dashboard i can’t add new item i can only translate existing item.
I added to custom header something like this:

  <div class="prawy"><a href="#contact">{translate key="navigation.about.journal"}</a></div>

but still i see untranslated item {translate key=“navigation.about.journal”}


Hi @karol,

I see 2 options here:

  1. Add a new menu item and translation to it through the dashboard.
  2. Make a child theme and override header.tpl or navigationMenu.tpl from it. Custom localized data can be added to the locale folder, e.g., like in any official theme: