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Sorry, if I am mistaken but I cannot find keys in which I can see submission checklist to be translated on locale. Please advise.

Hi @vvucic,

These keys are in locale/en_US/default.xml, and are described in registry/journalSettings.xml. Note that they’re installed from XML when the journal is created, and after that will need to be edited in the database via the Setup form; changing the XML file won’t have any effect.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks indeed :smile:

I have a question about v.3.2 and submission checklists in multiple languages. One of our bilingual journals used to have a Checklist in English and one in Spanish. They decided that the information in the Checklist duplicated information elsewhere in the Author Guidelines, and so they went to Settings > Workflow > Submission tab > Checklist and deleted all of the visible checklist items.

The problem is that, even though nothing shows up in the Settings > Workflow > Submission tab > Checklist menu , the Spanish version of the Checklist is still presented to authors when they are trying to submit articles to the journal.

So the question is, how do I edit the Spanish version of the Checklist, since it doesn’t show up in the Checklist menu?

Thank you for any help that you can give!

Marianne Reed
Digital Publishing Services, KU Libraries

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Were you able to find a solution?

I’m sorry! I don’t remember if we solved this by experimenting with the language settings in the Checklist–by editing each item in the checklist and clicking the globe to see all of the languages–or if our system administrators removed it manually from the servers. I think that we edited the checklist, but am not sure.

Good luck! If you find a solution, please do better than I did and post it here. If I find out what we did, I will do the same.

Well, we are currently testing OJS on a test server by upgrading from However, we had not defined the checklist in the previous version (I believe we were using the default checklist). In we had trouble loading the checklist to modify it. We had to downgrade, manually define it in, and then upgrade again. Only then we were able to modify the checklist.

Check this other thread. Checklist stuck on Loading and they appear in Spanish in the submission form - #3 by agmarrugo