Translate roles under Assign Paticipant

I have now translated most of the OJS 3.1 into Danish but I still lack to translate the roles showing up when I shall assign participants. Can you tell me where I find the file and places to translate?
Niels Erik

Did you use Translation plugin? Yu will find xml files there in which you can find roles. My suggestion is to translate as much as you can since incomplete translations may be confusing.

Hi @nef,

The role names are installed into the database when you create a journal. If you’ve edited the XML files after you’ve created your journal, you won’t see your changes reflected in the interface; after a journal is created, you’ll need to edit the roles in the Users & Roles configuration area.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I usually install one OJS that serves for translation only and when I finish translation I copy xml files. BUt, I think that we have todifferentiate two possibly confusing things:
translation of existing/default roles
“translation” of newly created roles
Did I miss something?