Trailing spaces in author's name result in a "ghost" abbreviation point in citation formats

We’ve noticed a problem similar to the one described here [OJS 3] Disallow excessive spaces in names? Building author indexes

Trailing spaces in the author’s first name (Field “Given Name”) are not trimmed and will lead to “ghost” abbreviation points in several citation formats.

Here’s an example. After the name “Agima” there’s an trailing space.


In the Harvard Citation Style format this will lead to “Ljaljevic, A. .” with a ghost abbreviation point in the citation


These ghost points can also be seen in other ciation formats.

As these trailing spaces are also exposed in the metadata, I think, it would be great if any leading or trailing spaces could be striped and two or more spaces used in the name (or in any field) could be reduced to single space. I think, there’s no example in the real word, where you have a trailing or ending spaces in names or more than one space in the title of an article for example

Hello @bibliothekswelt,

Thanks for your post. I see what you mean. What version of OJS are you using? There is an open issue related to fixing issues associated with Citation Style languages on our Github issues here: Update CSL dependencies and test some reported bugs · Issue #5629 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub - I’d encourage you to add a comment referring to this post on there (it’s possible that this might warrant it’s own issue, but our developers will let you know if this is the case).

Best regards,

PKP staff

Hi @rcgillis - thanks! We are using OJS