Too many redirects error when trying to upgrade to v3.1

I’ve replaced the files of my current version (3.0.0) with the files from 3.1 and updated the config file accordingly with the correct URLs and turned “installed” to off so I can run the upgrade, but when the browser attempts to load the page it gives a too many redirects error. Any ideas? I’ve seen this issue posted around the forum but haven’t found how anyone resolved their issues.


Hi @mickbale

When you run upgrade did you follow instructions as bellow:

  1. Command-line

If you have the CLI version of PHP installed (e.g., /usr/bin/php), you can
upgrade the database as follows:

- Edit and change "installed = On" to "installed = Off"
- Run the following command from the OJS directory (not including the $):
  $ php tools/upgrade.php upgrade
- Re-edit and change "installed = Off" back to
   "installed = On"

Have you check your php error log to check what is being in output when you attempt access your journal?

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team

Ah yes that worked thank you!

I’ve included my previous theme now so everything looks as it should except the home page - it looks to be using a different template - something with a “skip-to-content” navigation at the top and only displaying the current issue - any idea why this has changed and how I might be able to change it? I can’t find a file with this content in.

Thanks for your help

Hi @mickbale

There is a Theming Guide covering aspects of how customize your theme and I think it may help you with that.
See here:

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team