Tittle article doesnt show

Hi people hope you can help with this problem, firstable i am using ojs and my template is manuscript 1.0.3 which is active as my template for default. The problem is that when you click on an article as the image below it goes to the information page which it doesnt show the tittle article as the image attached as well. So please do you have any idea how to show or edit the template files to make this possible?

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Hello @Carlos_Alberto_Rivad,

I was able to view the source code on that page where the title is not displaying and it appears that the css property for this particular element is set to display: none- which would explain why this is not displaying. I was able to test it out using the dev tools in my browser and could get it to display:

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 7.16.06 AM

You should modify your CSS so this particular element is displaying.

PKP team

Thank you very much it works!

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