Title and order change after upgrade to

Hello and thank you for everything

We found that after updating the system to OJS version
the list of published articles is pulling the prefix in English and adding in front of the title in Portuguese.

before upgrade:

after upgrade:


For OJS version we verify that the publication appears at the top of the list and not at the bottom as it did in the previous version.

Can you tell me if this order will be edited or if we should edit all the other texts published this year so that the most recent texts are at the top of the list and the oldest texts at the bottom? (In this case it would be done in Editions> Previous Editions> Settings

Gessy Junior


another strange thing… after upgrade the notifications seem to mix languages… The system is configured with the default language Portuguese/Brazil.
This is the subject of notification after upgrade:
[RBPEC] A revista Brazilian Journal of Research in Science Education solicita avaliação de artigo

Is Anyone having this problem too?