TinyMCE tools on OJS

I found that the version of TinyMCE (3.4.9 -2012-02-23)
installed on my OJS 2.4.8, lacks some tools like Format, Font Family, and Font Size.
Is there a way to activate them?


This isn’t configurable in the UI, but you can customize the initialization here:

The addition of new plugins (if not shipped with the default install) could be done in the shared library (./lib/pkp/):

Hi, I have the same problem. But my tinyMCE code is diferent than yours:


The screenshots you have appear to be from the OJS/OMP 3.x version:

In 3.x the parallel code is here:

This code indicates that you should be able to override the default parameters for TinyMCE via a specific incantation. Perhaps @NateWr or @asmecher might be able to point to an example in the code?

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Sorry for bumping the old thread but is there someone who can show me how can I override default parameters for TinyMCE?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: